Herbalife VR Experiential Brand Design


Breaking new ground with production just completed on a virtual reality 360 video content series for Herbalife Nutrition.

Briefed to design and produce a virtual reality experience to communicate and reflect Herbalife Nutrition, we created a series of 360 videos that enable the audience to live the brand within a virtual environment.

Presenting scenarios at the very heart of the brand, the audience is placed at the centre of healthy active lifestyle and nutrition activities, where they experience the energy and excitement inherent in Herbalife Nutrition and are encouraged to join in. The content series presents an immersive and new brand experience, creating a lasting emotional connection with brand.

Production included a two day location shoot with Herbalife Nutrition Members, the true ambassadors of the brand, vital to the authentic and real feel of the experience. The virtual reality 360 video series showcased at Herbalife Nutrition Extravaganza in Prague, where hundreds of Members were able to live the experience through Gear VR headsets. The content series is planned to be rolled out to social media soon.