Reintroducing the Paynes’ Brand


Way back in the Victorian times, a man called George owned a tea and coffee emporium in London. Although he loved tea and coffee he had bigger dreams... dreams of cocoa. This led George into confectionery where his expertise in importing allowed him to be the first person to coat rare products like Brazil nuts in delicious milk chocolate. The people loved George’s creations and this inspired him to establish famous brands such as Poppets and Just Brazils. Fast forward a year or two…and Stocks Taylor Benson were asked to bring the Paynes' brand back to life with a colourful range of chocolate covered confectionery.

The new products use George’s original idea of combining the best quality ingredients with the tastiest milk chocolate and so our new packaging design needed to portray this. Bold, horizontal stripes differentiate the flavours and echo candy packaging of times gone by, whilst vibrant colour choices give increased shelf standout and bring the brand hurtling back into the 21st century. The new designs features a large, confident brand mark, building on the recognition of the original Paynes' brand. As chocolatiers since 1910, there’s a wealth of experience that needs to be communicated on pack, so we reintroduced the character of Geo.Payne, adding heritage and personality to the sweet pouches.

The tone of voice used within the designs brings the character of Geo.Payne to life, adding extra quirky details to expand on George’s story. The storage instructions suggest keeping the chocolates ‘underneath one’s hat and away from people with healthy appetites’ and a melting chocolate barcode emphasises the chocolatier background. We also reintroduced a strapline from the original Paynes' chocolate wrappers ‘Made by the Poppet People’. It’s a nice nod to the old designs and the link to Poppets provides a great endorsement for the brand.

The chocolates are available in 6 flavours plus a multi-pack selection box and we can assure you that Geo.Payne really was the expert when it comes to creating chocolate covered creations!

“We are delighted with the brilliantly creative design work that Stocks Taylor Benson have put into bringing this brand to life. We wanted a particular ‘feel’ for this pack that communicated heritage and premium credentials whilst still not alienating our core consumers who have come to expect exceptional value from our brands. I believe that between us we have achieved the objectives that we set out and will certainly look to Stocks Taylor Benson for support with future projects.” Ross Stanley, Marketing Manager, Big Bear Confectionery