4TRADE Brand Redesign

Travis Perkins PLC

Following a product review the 4TRADE range has been evaluated and rationalised, creating a smaller selection of quality branded products at lower prices.

To support this change we have created a credible identity and consistent positioning that customers and colleagues will engage with. The target audience is central to the new branding; putting the heroic tradesman at the heart of the identity – a strong and forthright brand icon has been illustrated to interact with a word mark that visually unifies the 4TRADE name. Both of which are presented in the brand shield that conceptually protects the heroic tradesman from the toughest job.

“With Stocks Taylor Benson we feel we have created a truly credible identity that not only looks great, but more importantly, in conjunction with our quality approach, gives us a brand that we believe our customers will really be able to engage with.”

Nicola Pentland, Brand Manager, Travis Perkins Group