OriGINality and ImaGINation

Stocks Taylor Benson

Mixing it up since 1988

As you probably already know we’re toasting an unbelievably good 30 years of creativity and craft, distilled and continually refined since 1988. To celebrate we've created a bespoke gin gift to toast our success, and say a big thank you to everyone who's been part of making the past 30 years so great.

This spirited package contains two types of gin, a Leicester and a London variety, as a nod to each of our studios, popping candy, orange bitters (it wouldn't be STB without a splash of orange!) and a booklet containing bespoke cocktail recipes. It took weeks of mixing ingredients, creating recipe upon recipe...having to do all the tasting ourselves! It was a tough job but we managed, bringing you the perfect flavours in the process.

The box features our special edition STB logo, and both gin labels use the same base design, with orange highlighting the different titles ‘Leicester’ and ‘London’ within the copy. As you rotate the bottle the reverse of the label reveals our company values of oriGINality and imaGINation and the booklet 'Design, Create and Distil' details our story and gives a little bit more insight into the delicious gin.