A cut above the rest


Our sharp new look for Zyliss knives has just hit stores, expanding their extensive range of kitchenware products.

Following extensive consumer research and observations, Zyliss has developed a unique kitchen knife design. They identified three specific ways that people hold knives and set out to design a knife that was comfortable and provided complete control regardless of how they are held. This is over and above the one big ‘must-have’ for kitchen knives – a sharp blade, that stays sharper for longer.

We were asked to design product packaging to launch the new range. It needed to reflect the products unique design, communicate the USPs and be at home in the core Zyliss identity. Merchandising is extremely important to the brand, so the design needed to be impactful, work across varying pack sizes and support brand presence when merchandised with other Zyliss products.

We felt it was important that the packaging helped consumers identify what each of the knives was capable of and most importantly what they should be used for. Zyliss is all about making food preparation more enjoyable, so we wanted to portray creativity as well as precision and control through beautifully prepared ‘before and after’ ingredient patterns. The packaging format allowed us to use the knife to divide the ‘before and after’ patterns, with each knife having a relevant ingredient pattern.

The range is now in stores and initial sales have been positive – in under 6 months of being in selected retail partner stores, the Comfort range already accounts of 10% of the Zyliss knife turnover.